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crazzy_monkey @ 10:05 pm: You're My Light in the Dark
My name's Rocky and I'm the manager of this community. *Grins, waves, and points to shinny "Manager" pin* I love hobbits to death, especially Frodo...

Now, I love writing and would greatly like if people would read & review my stories! I'm working on this one currently and enjoy it very much.

Title: You're My Light in the Dark

Author: Crazzymonkey

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG13

Warnings: Swearing


A gymnast has a tough life. Pain, pressure, and hard work. When a girl loses her determination to fight against the pain, she finds herself in a world so familiar but not. No slash. Probably mary-sue. Rated for swears.

Thankies Bunches!


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