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crazzy_monkey @ 11:06 pm: You're My Light in the Dark ~ Chapter 20

Title: You're My Light in the Dark

Author: crazzy_monkey

Genre: Angst/Romance/Action-Adventure
Rating: PG13

Warnings: Some swearing (worst is in the first chapter, after that there's hardly any), possible Mary-Sue, plot changes, and spoilers.


Kate Tamsin was a girl who had a hard life.  Between gymnastics, school, and her mother, she finally had lost it.  When she and her sister Lauren find themselves in a world that was only "pretend", with their knowledge, will they be able to help defeat the evil that shadows the lands and the hearts of their friends?

Chapter 20


Author's Notes:

Reviews would be most welcomed.  I accept anonymous reviews, and it feels good to know when people are reading your work, so please leave me a little something!  Thankies!

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