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July 18th, 2004

tanglefire @ 10:04 pm: (x-posted)

Join elijah_het

Elijah Wood is straight, right?

If you are sick of seeing 'Domlijah' 'Seanlijah' 'Bilijah' and 'Orlijah' pairings, then join. Do Tinhats make you laugh? Then join. Do you write romantic/erotic stories about Elijah in a hetrosexual relationship, or express this idea on paper? You should definately join.


To provide Elijah Wood fans with a place to post their Elijah Wood romances. Mary-Sues are encouraged! Share your daydreams and fantasies with fellow fans, in text form or art.

Please see the user info page for more details.

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tanglefire @ 12:01 am: (x-posted)

Join frodo_het

Love Frodo Baggins? Daydream about spending the rest of your life with him? Do you write romantic stories about Frodo falling in love with girls, not guys? Do you think there is too much slash, and do you wonder why there is such a lack of het fic about the most gorgeous angsty character ever?

If you agree with any of this, then this is the place for you!


To unearth Frodo het fic writers and gather their work here. There is plenty of Frodo slash out there, and definately not enough het! There may be less het than slash, but if we gather all the het fic we can, it will seem like more.

May 15th, 2004

crazzy_monkey @ 01:27 pm: You're My Light in the Dark ~ Chapter 22
Title: You're My Light in the Dark
Author: Rocky
Genre: angst/romance
Summary: Some mager plannage is going on in this chappy.

Chapter 22

Enjoy and review! :-)

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May 9th, 2004

crazzy_monkey @ 12:02 am: You're My Light in the Dark
Yup, I finally finished chapter 21. Go me! *Cheers* Review please! Thankies!

Title: You're My Light in the Dark
Author: Rocky
Genre: angst/romance
Warnings: swearing
Summery: This chapter covers the Coucil of Elrond.

Chapter 21

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May 6th, 2004

crazzy_monkey @ 10:27 pm: Manager Speaking...
Mmkay, uh, I know we have some new members here, and I was wondering if you guys had any stories or reviews (comments) to the stories posted. If you read The Rules..., you needed to be either an author or a reviewer to join. Did you guys die on me or something? Where are you?


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April 19th, 2004

crazzy_monkey @ 11:06 pm: You're My Light in the Dark ~ Chapter 20

Title: You're My Light in the Dark

Author: crazzy_monkey

Genre: Angst/Romance/Action-Adventure
Rating: PG13

Warnings: Some swearing (worst is in the first chapter, after that there's hardly any), possible Mary-Sue, plot changes, and spoilers.


Kate Tamsin was a girl who had a hard life.  Between gymnastics, school, and her mother, she finally had lost it.  When she and her sister Lauren find themselves in a world that was only "pretend", with their knowledge, will they be able to help defeat the evil that shadows the lands and the hearts of their friends?

Chapter 20


Author's Notes:

Reviews would be most welcomed.  I accept anonymous reviews, and it feels good to know when people are reading your work, so please leave me a little something!  Thankies!

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February 28th, 2004

crazzy_monkey @ 10:05 pm: You're My Light in the Dark
My name's Rocky and I'm the manager of this community. *Grins, waves, and points to shinny "Manager" pin* I love hobbits to death, especially Frodo...

Now, I love writing and would greatly like if people would read & review my stories! I'm working on this one currently and enjoy it very much.

Title: You're My Light in the Dark

Author: Crazzymonkey

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: PG13

Warnings: Swearing


A gymnast has a tough life. Pain, pressure, and hard work. When a girl loses her determination to fight against the pain, she finds herself in a world so familiar but not. No slash. Probably mary-sue. Rated for swears.

Thankies Bunches!


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